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Yes don't you love Karlton and his six sons. He just kept knocking on the door. Wouldn't give up. #FatherlessSons
Oprah Winfrey


I want to extend my appreciation to you for the awesome service you provide to the Federal Detention Center as a Reentry Council member.  The knowledge, experience and expertise you bring has enhanced the institution’s efforts in developing meaningful programs which serve to improve the inmate populations’ quality of life.  You provide valuable assistance to the institution which aids our offenders in gaining employment skills, facilitating positive family ties and community resources through non-traditional programs that you create to address their needs.
Tanisha Hall
Reentry Affairs Coordinator
Federal Detention Center
Houston, Texas


During my final release 6-10-12, all I took was a mental brand of the sign on the last door #NeverAgain and I had just finally read your book, and it changed my entire life, probably saved it, my next stop was SuperMax, then a C.O. gave me your book #FreeSinceJuneTwentyTwelve #Thank You Karlton S. Harris
Nicholas Cummins, Former Inmate


I’m doing time in Dwight, but I’m about to leave. I’m participating in a class, TRAC I, and they showed your film. It really touched me because I have dreams of being a chef. You have shown me that I should never give up I would like to say thank you for being such a positive and inspirational man.”
Sophia Akon, Inmate


"If people succeed then communities succeed! I look forward to continuing to work with Karlton....and be right there with them when we need legislative action and funding.  I am honored to have met Karlton, who I think brought, even to me, an understanding I didn't have before of how hard it can be.   When people serve their sentence and have done their time, they have a right to be able to come back and make their life better."
Lisa Dugan, State Representative
 79th District, Illinois


"Karlton Harris represents a hope for others who have been caught up in the criminal justice system."
 Clark Erickson, Judge
  21st Illinois Judicial Circuit Court


Karlton, the new video is exceptional as is all your work! I plan to order probably 10 more books to donate to the Dwight CC Library.  You have been an inspiration to many, many women, through the video "I'm Free Now What" which I show once a month during my TRAC class (formerly Pre-start) on Education and Employability.
Carol Schuster, Educator


“I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for speaking to the men and women incarcerated at FCI/FPC Pekin.  The overall response to your words, encouragement, and positive message was appreciated by all who attended.  Your message to the inmates to find a positive path in education, religious services, and through their inmate job is the same message that FCI/FPC Pekin staff strive to convey. However, because of your journey, your message resonates on a stronger level.  Your presentation on February 5th will be remembered and referred upon by many for a long time to come.  Thank you and FCI/FPC Pekin wishes you continued success.
Jay Henderson, Executive Assistant
 FCI Pekin, Illinois


"It seems like everything is set up to get you behind bars, but when you come back to society its very difficult for you...Karlton has continued on with give someone the same opportunity he turn their life around!"
Elder Claudius Anderson, Pastor
 House of Prayer Apostolic Church of God


"He really put some good motivation in people's hearts! He should keep on doing it!"
- Michael Crawford, Inmate
  Jerome Combs Detention Center

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