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6-sons-videoSix Sons is a family friendly reality television show where Karlton Harris demonstrates the importance of fathers being active in their children’s lives. The show highlights Karlton Harris as an author, motivational speaker, and correctional facility volunteer; while simultaneously demonstrating his balance of being an active father. Karlton grew up without a father and knows firsthand that without an active father children will lack structure, order, and discipline. Karlton believes that fathers should try their best to work their schedule around their children’s schedules rather than try to fit their children in their schedule, which hardly ever seems to work. The show is designed to get fathers involved in parent teacher conferences, helping with homework, and spending quality time with their family.



Karla is the 37 year old mother of Karlton’s 5 youngest sons and wife of 15 years. She is Karlton’s “Babe Girl”. She is an identical twin who loves to cook, coupon, diy/craft and shop. She spends her quiet time reading, crafting or watching the food network. Labeled an extreme couponer by husband Karlton, Karla does her best to save as much money as possible to support the family. She is a full-time homemaker and part-time assistant for Karlton’s business endeavors. Karla is very active in the boy’s education and extra curricula activities. She spends a lot of time teaching the boys the value of couponing as well as teaching them how to cook. Karla immediately took over the role of mother to James upon marrying Karlton. Karla and James have a remarkable mother-son relationship. Karla is the total opposite of Karlton. Unlike Karlton, she was raised in a two parent home, where she received great spiritual guidance. This is also where she received her love for music and cooking. She worked with her older sister’s catering company and also sang in her sister’s gospel group.


James is the 22 year old son of Karlton. As the eldest son, he is the example his youngest 5 brothers admire and mimic. James is a graduate from University of Houston- Downtown Police Academy as well as a full time employee with Memorial Hermann Hospital working security.  James has been in law enforcement for over two years and has career goals of one day becoming an FBI agent. James also loves boxing. He trains every week to prepare for fights and is very passionate about the sport. James is the fashion icon for his younger brothers with his swag. He enjoys various types of music especially hip hop and keeps up with the newest songs and dance moves. He is always busy with school, work, or shopping. James is Karlton’s example that being an active father minimizes negative choices that children make from peer pressure.




mikeMichael is 14 years old and the first born to Karla and Karlton. Michael loves sports, particularly basketball & baseball. He desires to one day become an NBA/MLB player. He is very active in various sport activities. At the young age of 8, Michael was featured in the Daily Journal newspaper for possessing some amazing basketball skills. He understands that due to his small stature that he must work harder than others. Michael also enjoys music and art. Michael tends to slack off at times and Karlton often finds himself pushing Michael to get back on track. Michael is the competitor in the family and can be a sore loser when playing basketball against his older brother James. He also despises instruction from James regarding basketball. This sibling rivalry is a love/hate relationship. He receives all A’s and B’s on his report card.


JoJoJoseph is 12 years old and is the brains of the family. He is a straight A student and is often rewarded by his parents for excelling in school. This sometimes creates friction between him and his brothers because he tends to brag about receiving money for his grades.  He also tested and placed in the Gifted & Talented program in his school district.  He has goals to be a robotic engineer. Joseph is often referred to as the doctor of the family. He is caring and in tune with the feelings of others around him. Joseph loves to read. While the other boys are playing with their I-pods or gaming systems, you will find Joseph sitting at the kitchen table reading a book. Joseph is not as into sports like his brothers; although he does love to play soccer & flag football. He too is a competitor and hates to lose. Joseph and Michael seem like the two brothers who are always at odds and in competition.



Isaiah Isaiah is 10 years old and the fraternal twin of Josiah. Isaiah is a natural born athlete. Isaiah is known as the helper in the family. If Isaiah sees you working on anything he always comes and request to help. Often times he is disappointed if he can’t help. He is very outgoing when it comes to cleaning up the house. Isaiah loves both football and basketball. Isaiah excels in the classroom and is on the A/B honor roll.  Like typical twins Isaiah and Josiah are inseparable. They often find themselves being mischievous together. Isaiah is very diplomatic and likes to hold his brothers accountable to the instructions of his parents. Because of this, his brothers often call him a snitch when he reports their wrong doings to Karlton. Isaiah has a great sense of humor and can be very silly at times.


JosiahJosiah is 10 years old and the fraternal twin of Isaiah. Josiah loves baseball. He is the comedian of the family. Josiah is the one who gets notes sent home every now and then from his school teacher from talking. He is the most radical of the bunch. Josiah is the one who is always in trouble and don’t seem to care about the consequences. He has the attitude that "I will do what I want." He often attempts to bully his younger brother Karlton II. Although Josiah talks a lot in school, he is still on the A/B honor roll. Josiah often gets in trouble at home for his flip mouth. He tends to always want to get the last word and often says whatever comes to his mind. He is the second smallest of the 6, but thinks he’s the tough guy of the family. 




K2Karlton is 8 years old and is the family entertainer. You will often catch him singing and dancing when no music is playing. He has a great personality and is spoiled by his dad Karlton I. He has adopted the nickname K2 short for Karlton II. Karlton loves music and dancing. He is also starting to like sports, specifically basketball. Like his brothers, K2 excels well in school. He is on the A honor roll.  He’s considered a leader in his class. K2 loves to read, write, and draw. He spends the majority of his free time drawing and coloring.

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