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Karlton Harris Ministries

Karlton Harris Ministries (KHM) is a national nonprofit organization that was founded by Karlton Harris.  A native of Chicago, Illinois, Karlton Harris received the vision for Karlton Harris Ministries in 2010.  Although the ministry wasn’t birthed until 2010, Karlton had been ministering inside jails and prisons since 2001.  Karlton served time in prison himself and has nearly 15 years in ministry both inside and outside the prison system.

KHM’s mission is to establish a presence physically or via satellite in all the state’s and federal correctional facilities across the U.S.  KHM’s primary focus is on renewing of the mind so that people can be transformed.  This transformation is an holistic approach, as it focuses on the mind, body and soul.

To accomplish this mission, KHM currently serves 10 prisons and jails across the United States.  KHM facilitates motivational workshops and worship services in prisons located in Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Texas, Florida, and Virginia.

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