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Holistic Re-entry Specialist Karlton Harris is known for his electrifying, solutions oriented, and research driven keynotes. He provides keynotes for re-entry organizations, churches, non-profit organizations, and schools.  When you hire Karlton Harris as your keynote speaker, your audience will leave energized, educated, enthused, but most importantly thinking.

His passionate, articulate, and enthusiastic delivery style makes him a favorite with clients who desire to move beyond the problem and focus on the solution.  Karlton’s speeches are customized to meet the needs, desires, and goals of the organization.  Mr. Harris is known for his passion and appeals to a wide variety of audiences by delivering serious and result-driven speeches.  His primary focus is FAITH, FREEDOM, & FATHERHOOD.

FAITH– Karlton’s keynote address regarding this topic emphasizes the importance of having faith in God as well as having confidence in oneself.  As Karlton puts it, “Faith in God is the master key that unlocks every door and confidence in oneself is the door knob that gains you entrance.”  “Why unlock the door with your faith, if you don’t have the confidence to enter?”  Mr. Harris provide keys on how to improve your self-confidence while relying on God’s strength to accomplish your goals.

FREEDOM– Karlton’s keynote address regarding this topic places emphasis on holistic freedom.  “True Freedom begins with your inward image then manifests in your outward appearance.”  When speaking to grade school and high school students Karlton shares how GANG MEMBERSHIP is a form of bondage.  Using his personal experience as an example, Karlton informs the students on how to avoid and exit Gangs.  Moreover, Karlton explains why individuals desire to get involved in gang activity.  By doing so, he gets to the root of the problem which results in permanent freedom.

FATHERHOOD– Where are all the Fathers?  In today’s society with our youth being misguided by gangs and drugs, Karlton instructs fathers on various ways to be proactive in their children lives.  Growing up without a father or a positive male role model, Karlton realizes that the lack of these contributed to his erred decision making.  Today as a father of six (6) sons, Karlton realizes the difference it makes having a father active in the lives of children.  He often says, “There’s a difference in having a father at home and having a father active in his children’s lives.  A father at home, but not active is equivalent to an absentee father.”  Fathers should be active in their children lives physically, socially, and, most importantly, spiritually.  It is the father that validates the identity and value of his children.


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