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The primary focus of the “Fathers Make Your Ceiling Your Children’s Floor” book is to provide solutions and examples on how to become a great father. Growing up, Karlton often wondered how his life would have been if he had a dad at home. He wants to challenge fathers to communicate more openly with their children regarding the very issues that affected their lives. Failure to discuss your experiences only opens the door for your children to relive them. Fathers cannot continue to fail to discuss their experiences with their children. It is Karlton’s prayer that learning how to effectively use past experiences as life lessons and caution flags will make it easier for children when it comes to making present and future decisions. Fathers have the responsibility to afford this opportunity to their children but both parents should participate. By being transparent with your children, you equip them to see things that they would have normally overlooked, by doing so, you make your CEILING, that is to say your highest height in life... to become their floor, their base line - where they will start from.

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